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Our wide range of specialized services is second to none. From Advanced Ultrasonic Testing such as AUT, Phased Array, TOFD, and Guided Wave (GUL) to Acoustic Emission testing, Tubular Services and Visual Inspections, we have what it takes to meet your needs.

CIC Inspectors  are trained to meet or exceed the highest industry standards and code requirements. Combine this with the latest advanced testing equipment, we are sure to meet all of your advanced inspection needs.

Our relationship with others companies allows us to solve problems from a global perspective. With help from our technical experts, engineers, specialists and senior field inspectors, we can manage your projects with the highest quality, professionalism and care.

Our services


Through our training center we do our best to enrich the country with a highly qualified and certified personnel in all industrial aspects, our courses cover the NDT methods ( VT,RT,UT,PT and MT) we also conduct the CWI training, and ASME code awareness courses covering ASME VIII, V, IX, II, I and B31.1 and B31.3 and AWS D1.1 .Also  the API courses (API 510,API 570,API 653,API 580,API 581, API 579) read more 


We have a qualified team of design engineers to handle design reviews for all engineering disciplines (Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Piping System, Steel Structure, and Tanks) for new construction & modifications.



Through Recruitment Center, we have a huge data base ,we can supply professional, skilled and Qualified & certified personnel to perform your tasks , starting form skilled welders up to Project Manager.
We continue providing our supplied Manpower with technical support to perform theirs duties in a very professional manner.


Through Our Experienced team we can prepare you work shop to get the ASME Certifications Of Qualification and ASME Stamps ( U,S,PP,A ) and Also the ( R ) certificate and stamp in accordance to National Board Inspection Code NBIC
We Also Train your team to understand ASME Code philosophy and to perform in accordance to its rules.


Through our partnership with Authorized Inspection Associates, LLC ( USA) ( ASME Accredited Agency), we provide the  ASME Inspection services for new constructions.  CIC can inspect newly constructed or in service boilers, pressure vessels, Heat exchanger, Separators…etc for continued service in accordance with ASME Code , NBIC and API and the regulations of various state and local jurisdictions.


We can perform all the required NDT such as Ultrasonic Testing, Radiography, Dye Penetrant and Magnetic Testing (UT,RT,PT,MT) through a highly qualified and certified team, Also we can perform the most advanced NDT techniques as AUT phased array and TOFD. we issue the reports of NDT in accordance with the applicable Codes and standards. We also perform Hardness testing and Positive material identification PMI


Third party inspection for new and in-service equipment in the Oil & Gas plants, Petrochemicals, Power Plants, Refineries and LNG plant, on different kinds of equipments such as Pressure Vessels, Pipeline, boilers, Pressure relive devices. Also  for raw materials (ferrosiliconcalcium-silicon-pig iron - magnesium pure-calcium carbide -carburizer - quartezite - zinc wire,, etc).


Advice From Experts

  • Eng. Ibrahim Eldesoky

    Eng. Ibrahim El Desoky is CIC Has a BSc. In Mechanical Engineering and is qualified and certified  ASNT-NDT-Level III in  (RT), (UT), (PT), (MT) and (VT), he is also qualified and Certified ASME Authorized Inspector (AI) and National board Commissioned Inspector  from the American Society for Mechanical Engineers and the National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessels Inspectors, And Authorized API Inspector from the American Petroleum Institute, He is also Certified Welding Engineer (CWE) from the  Japan Welding Engineering Society (JWES).   

    He has been working for more than 20 years in the inspection of pressure vessels and boilers, heat exchangers, structures, in oil and gas industry and other industries , He has conducted hundreds of training courses in NDT different techniques, API and ASME .


  • Eng. Mohamed Kamaal
    QC/QA Engineer

    "IN cic we believe that hard work is the only way to succed, we work in an enviroment of commitment and discipline.

    we have faced many challenges through our wok but we conquered it with our strong engineering background and with our long experience in the field of oil and gas inspection and training."

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